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A couple of days ago Alex sent in a picture of Orion to share with me. After exchanging a couple messages back and forth, I asked if she would like to share Orion and his story with everyone else and she said yes! From choosing the name all the way down to offering up some first-timer advice, please welcome Alex and Orion in today’s owner spotlight. She’s got a great setup and one very unique betta splenden.

What inspired you to get a betta fish? Is Orion your first pet fish?

I had a few Bettas and some goldfish when I was younger, after which I didn’t have any other fish for several years. Orion is the third Betta that I’ve had during college. I think what most inspires me to be a “fish mom” is my love for the water and all creatures, especially aquatic ones. Bettas are so colorful, graceful, and each has their own unique personality, which is why I love them. Plus, just taking a few minutes to watch them swim around their little underwater world is enough to melt my stress away.

Share some information and a tour of Orion’s tank. What’s inside and what’s the setup?

Orion lives in a 5 gallon tank complete with LED lights, a heater, a Whisper 10i filter, a green and red silk/plastic plant, a mountain-shaped tank ornament that doubles as a hideaway, and a variety of river rocks and colored pebbles at the bottom of the tan. My overall goal was to complete a natural look as best as possible, that’s what I was aiming for.

Alex's Betta Fish Tank

What kind of betta is Orion, and has he gone through marbling or color changes?

Orion is a twin tail, double tail halfmoon Betta. He hasn’t experienced any noticeable color changes yet.

What two products would you recommend to other owners?

There are so many great Betta products that I can’t pick just 2! Filters and heaters are a must though, as well as a shelter or hideaway that your Betta can retreat to if they so choose. Shelters help to keep your betta less stressed and feel more secure.

What’s your favorite attribute or personality trait of Orion?

There are so many things that I love about my Orion! One of my favorite qualities is his insatiable curiosity and observant nature. He also swims right over to me whenever I pass by his tank, which is quite adorable!

What is one piece of advice that you’d like beginners to make sure they follow?

My advice to beginners is to make sure that your Betta has enough room to grow and thrive! Please do not keep them in a bowl or any other similarly small container, as they simply won’t be happy there. A filtered, heated 3 to 5 or so gallon tank would suit them best!

Do you have any plans for other tanks in the future or to try breeding some day?

I’m considering having a female Betta sorority tank one day! I may think about breeding Orion in the future too if a particular female Betta catches my eye. I’m not 100% certain on that yet though so don’t hold me to it.

Is there any significance behind choosing the name Orion?

Orion has a metallic-looking white base color that reminds me of starlight. As I was searching through possible nature-related names, “Orion” caught my attention. I thought it would be fitting to name him after a constellation, given his appearance.

What’s your least favorite part about caring for a betta fish?

If I HAD to pick something, I guess it would be doing those weekly water changes. But at the same time, I enjoy having a clean tank and providing Orion with a clean, comfortable home.

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