The betta or Siamese fighting fish is a very popular aquatic pet and with that comes responsibility in the ethical treatment and awareness on how to care for one. The aim of this community is to educate and entertain, uniting owners together to provide fun, help, answers, tips, and education to those who love the betta as much as we do.  Misinformation is in abundance in pet stores, on the web, and even from current betta fish owners.  We hope you’ll take the time to read and become an advocate for this beautiful species!

If you want to share pictures of your betta to potentially be shared on the blog, or be a featured betta owner, please visit the contact page to submit your interest. Each fish is unique in its own special way and so is the reason or reasons from owners on why they chose to be a betta parent.  Uniting owners and sharing information is crucial to building a helpful and fun community so don’t be shy.

Knowledge is power and it leads to happy owners and happy and healthy fish. The betta is a wonderful pet that can provide stress relief and teach children responsibility. It’s all too common that it takes research because a pet isn’t acting right to then have that ‘aha’ moment and discover all of the information you’ve been missing out on. Thank you for stopping by and we wish you and your pet the very best!