In the wild betta fish don’t possess the beautiful colors and finnage that you and I are used to. In fact if a betta from captivation was put into the wild with bright colors and long fins, they wouldn’t last very long and would stick out like a sore thumb to predators. The long flowing fins and amazing hues of pink, reds, blues, purple, and so on come from selective breeding.

Betta Fish Hair Dye Collage

Because of their beauty, betta fish have always been used for all kinds of inspiration. I’ve seen crocheted betta fish, blown glass, and lots of paintings on Etsy and other corners of the web. With something as beautiful as a betta fish, it just begs to be used as a design inspiration. This was a new one for me though. I came across an article on Refinery 29 where a girl named Roxie Darling back in June from Hair Story Studio, was highlighted using betta fish (and hair dye) for a new hair design inspiration.

The result might not be something you’re into for an everyday look per se but there’s no denying how cool, creative and edgy it is. Darling said in response to our aquatic friends that she, “picked a betta fish as a reference for Gina’s hair because she really liked the way that the colors in their tails flow organically when they’re swimming. “I thought there was a way to make that translate into hair, since hair is also a natural, moving fiber.”

Colorful Betta Fish Hair

From the pictures of hair model Gina I think she nailed it, and it’s pretty neat how every different angle and hairstyle produces a new and colorful flowing look. For Gina’s look they decided to go with yellow and blue hues (from the betta pictured above), starting with blue underneath. I’m sure the possibilities are endless here. Just don’t overdo it with too many colors because eventually you’ll end up looking like you’re wearing a clown’s wig.

There’s also a hairspiration known as ‘mermaid hair’ that has been trending on Instagram for a while. To me, it also looks very similar and could be compared to how betta fish colors and fins flow. With betta fish hair though, it is apparently more focused on replicating how the color moves and adding more dimensions of flowing color gradients.

So what do you think? Will you be trying this new hairstyle out anytime soon, maybe replicating your betta’s colors?

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