In today’s owner spotlight I’d like to introduce you to Emalee and her veiltail betta fish Jasper! Emalee is a member of our Facebook page and community, and has decided to share her passion for betta fish with the rest of us. If you’re not a member of the page yet, please hop on over and like the page so that you can get connected with other great owners and updates.

Jasper the Veiltail Betta

Is Jasper for your first betta fish, and what made you choose a betta fish over others?

Hello! I have owned betta fish since I was a young girl, and have always been fascinated with their personality. Unlike most tropical fish, they are mostly solitary, which have their pros and cons, but, on the plus side, they are very clean fish, unlike goldfish; which are stereotyped to be able to be kept in small bowls.

I see you have a great tank setup for Jasper, tell me about it. Also, since there’s a lot of myths out there, what two pieces of advice would you give to newer betta owners?

Speaking of which, Jasper is living the dream in a planted 10 gallon infiltrated aquarium. Plenty of people keep bettas in small bowls, but there are many concerns I have with them. For example, bettas are labyrinth fish, meaning they can breathe air from the surface, similar to gouramis, whom are in the same species.

This does not mean that they should be put in small bowls! Fish are just like dogs and cats, they deserve just as much love and care. Hence is why I recommend a tank of at least two to five gallons (with a filter) for your betta! This is because filters keep your water clean, which requires tedious work to maintain chemical pH levels in your aquarium.

Jasper with snail tankmates

Are there any specific product or products you’d recommend to other owners?

I recommend Top Fin products, I have been using the same tank for almost three years, and have only needed to replace my filter once, and lights twice.

What’s your least favorite part about being a betta mom?

As fun as fish are, my least favorite part is seeing my fish or anyone’s fish in dismay! There are many products that can help your fish from suffering that are inexpensive, and if you don’t like chemicals, Melafix and Pumafix work great! Don’t forget to remove your cartridge before application!

There’s so much to learn about betta’s, what’s the latest thing you’ve learned?

Recently, I learned how betta fish breed, and have seen babies fresh from their eggs! I loved it, however I don’t particularly want to breed Jasper at this time, (sorry lady bettas), but maybe in the future if a lady betta steals my heart like he did.

Do you have any questions for Emalee, or just want to tell Jasper hello? If so leave a comment below, and reach out on social or through the contact page here if you want to share your betta story on the betta blog.

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