The mating process for betta’s is a beautiful spectacle, from the preparation to the swimming fry. After their enchanting embrace, the male squeezes the eggs out of the female and they fall to the tank’s floor. The male then has to swoop down to the bottom, pick them up in his mouth, and place them safely in his bubble nest. He’s the knight in shining armor.

If the female is left in the tank with the male for an extended time after mating though, she will likely try to eat the eggs. If you’ve got an alpha betta (funny I know) it will prompt his aggressiveness and he will never allow her to get close to them. He will actively guard the eggs and his bubble nest by chasing her away. The female should be removed shortly after mating once she recovers from her temporary paralysis.

If you’ve never seen the male placing the eggs in the bubble nest you’re in luck! Today Ruben Flores from New York City captured this moment in his own tank and shared it on Instagram. Ruben is a professional actor and singer, with a clear passion for bettas. Below is the video for your viewing pleasure!

The male will stay guarding the bubble nest and the fertilized eggs until they hatch and are able to swim on their own. During the wait though, it’s not all guarding, there’s some maintenance involved too. In another video by Ruben below you can see the male cleaning the fertilized eggs. Any eggs that are left on the bottom of the tank and haven’t been eaten by the female or fertilized into the bubble nest become useless.

Cleaning the fertilized eggs. #BettaFish #pets #Instapets #nature #aquarium A video posted by rubenfloresnyc (@rubenfloresnyc) on

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