When I was younger I had a lot pets including dogs, cats, lizards and fish. I’ve always gravitated back towards fish though because of their low maintenance and ability to open up the mysteries of what happens under the water. Henry, my male betta, was actually the reason that I decided to start this site. It wasn’t until I began researching information around the betta, that I realized how many myths there were about this species. I was susceptible to the myths too; how they could apparently survive in small bowls, and may not need to be fed very often. Surviving and living a happy and healthy life however are two drastically different things.

Fish are something that I’ve always found to be the most relaxing pets that you can have in your life. There’s something calming about sitting there watching fish swim about in their replicated ecosystem in your home. It was two years ago that I welcomed my betta fish into our home and decided on the name Henry between my wife and I (funny name for a fish right?). I can’t recall how we landed on that name but it definitely stuck after the first day and it still makes me laugh today.

I made the impulse decision one day to go and get a betta fish at a local Petco. Walking through the aisles there were lots to choose from in small bowls of water and many looked so withdrawn, sitting there in barely enough water to move. I knew I couldn’t take them all, (even though I wanted to) so I made sure to pick one that looked healthy and was a male because of their beautiful fins and aggressive behavior. The females are much smaller and I really wanted one that was bright blue in color. Henry has grown to be quite big as you can see in the picture below.


He’s thrived in his new home and his personality is something else! He will sit there and stare at you for ten minutes straight, waiting for you to move so he can flare his gills out and stake his territory. He loves the occasional bloodworm treat and will lounge in his green silk leaves for hours. I never knew that a fish could learn your face either until I started reading about the betta. I now recognize when Henry gets excited after he sees a familiar face and starts flapping his front fins like a dog would wag its tail.

A betta is a wonderful pet because they are extremely resilient and are much more beautiful than other common freshwater fish like the goldfish, catfish, or tiger barb. I would highly recommend this fish to adults and children because of their potential lifespan and and the joy that they bring. They have the most vibrant personalities out of all the fish that I have owned in my life. I was lucky too that he enjoyed the first can of food that I bought him because bettas can be really picky eaters. Some owners have had to try two or three different variations before they could find a blend that satisfied their betta’s taste buds.

I’m excited to start meeting other betta owners and sharing care tips, answering questions and providing help to create a fun and educational community. If you want to share the story of your betta, send me an email!

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Founder & CFO (Chief Fish Officer)

Founder of bettafish.org and betta fish enthusiast. With over six years of betta husbandry experience, I wanted to create a place that was educational and fun for other betta keepers. Stick around, you'll learn a lot!

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  1. Christina

    I have owned bettas since 1st grade (17 years) and recently bought a butterfly betta. He OS the first none veiltail betta I have owned. I named him Puck from Midsummer Night Dream and tried to make his home look like a fairy hide way. He loves his log. Can’t wait for my kids to get older so they can pick out their first betta.

    • Bryan

      Veiltails are some of the hardiest betta’s I’ve ever owned, but butterfly’s and dumbos are definitely stunning! If I could, I would fill half my house with tanks haha. They are definitely great for kids too and learning. Best wishes to your family and Puck.


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